"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better".

Albert Einstein.

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In Peace
Often I isolated myself from the group for shooting or meditation. The group driver noticed this habit of mine. "You are not like most of them", he said to me while I was struggling to put on my one piece snowsuit. "After all you don't mess with nature when it's -28 degrees outside at 11:00 AM. You are really connected to nature", he completed his pitch. I looked back at J.J the driver and smiled. "Would you join me?

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The group is taking the short route and then they are staying for a picnic, so we have enough time for my favorite hike". Why would I refuse such an offer, I think to myself. "It will be my pleasure", I replied.

Anat, my adventurous friend decided to join us at the last minute. We ended up having the most beautiful hike I've ever had in my life. We hiked for four hours. After every few majestic sites, J.J would stop and share his knowledge. Reality is a matter of a point of view, and when you color yours with the local's, it makes the difference. We saw frozen waterfalls, wild animals, undomesticated locals, and adventure climbers. We witnessed so much beauty that no words will be able to deliver it properly.

I couldn't leave the trail, as every moment hosted a dozen more shots. I became one with nature like no other time in my life. My tears melted pieces of snow, and for the first time in my life I was happy. Truly and comprehensively happy. Even now, when I type these words my tears wet the keyboard. I felt the healing power of nature. I faced it for the first time in my life with no filters.

When we re-joined the group, we found out that we were about 90 minutes late. They called a rescue team as they were worried about us, and also because my 76 year old dad slipped and broke 7 ribs. That's life, white moments hosts black stains. Dark moments host white dots.

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My Life Changing Journey To Lapland

I have visited wild locations before, from NZ to the desert of Jordan, however this trip has settled in my heart. Something about the intersection between my longitude and latitude and those of Lapland made this trip unforgettable.


Lastly, 25 years ago I served in the Israeli Defense Forces in South Lebanon as a military dog trainer. The familiar smells, sounds and views that I caught in my senses in our visit to the huskies farm opened bottled memories. Many of my PTSD’s hidden wounds were healed there.

The videos, stories and photos in this page revolve around these themes and feelings. Enjoy.

White Dream

Divine Paintbrush

​It all began during a phone call with my mother: “I want you and your brother to go on a men’s trip with your father”. Four months later we landed in Finland. Two generations and three mindsets who share blood are about to co-record lifetime memories in the everlasting white wild nature of Lapland. Read more

My Visit To The Huskies Farm

When we arrived at the farm, I suddenly lost myself. The smells and views took over my brain and became my navigator. For more than an hour, I wandered between the kennels, petting the dogs, and drizzling hot, translucent tears of joy and sorrow over the white snow.

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Twenty five years of bottled feelings and emotions were celebrating their freedom spontaneously. Whenever I closed my eyes I was in South Lebanon. Whenever I opened them I cried more.

In 1996, I worked with the Israeli army to develop a novel night-time task force with the military’s K9 dogs unit. I never celebrated my great achievements until the very same day in which my method was approved by the highly ranked officers, we got a sad call on the radio. It was a stormy day and the two helicopters which carried my friends to their bases in South Lebanon crashed, with another 71 Israeli soldiers and 2 military dogs onboard.

As a chief trainer, I was the one who assigned the two soldiers from the dog's unit with their dogs to the ultimately, deadly helicopter crash.

After a silent hour, merging with hidden memories, I realized that I need to find the group and reemerge with them. When I entered the warm tent, a local guide was explaining to the group about the life of the huskies in the farm. You are welcome to enjoy the videos and images while listening to his interesting explanations.

On the way back to the hotel, I realized that this visit healed some wounds and guilt from my soul. At least for the time being..

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